Jan 172018

There will be a distinct lack of blogs for the rest of the month – I am delighted to have been asked to join the Braemar as a lecturer for its cruise around the Caribbean, starting and ending in Barbados. The trip takes in St Lucia, Aruba, Jamaica, Cuba and the BVI, and I will be giving talks on topics relating to the places we will be visiting. So, a talk on castaways (ship wrecks, mutinies, and the background to Robinson Crusoe) and another one on Captain Morgan – the man and the myth. To end with I will give a talk on the golden age of piracy. I am looking forward to it! Especially as the research for the talks linked in happily with writing my next book on life in the Eighteenth Century – under the provisional title of ‘Piracy and Privateering’. I have just handed in the manuscript for the book to Pen & Sword, and hopefully it will come out towards the end of the year. First up though will be ‘Trailblazing Women’, which I hope to see in the shops before Easter¬†…. so, no time for blogs, ‘cos I’m off on my hols!

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