Aug 112017

I should have made it clear on my post yesterday that the images were from the Chatsworth webpage. Here are a few more odds and ends which I found interesting, using my own images….

Hand-painted wall covering in Chinese style

Underside of the staircase, with fine decorated walls and ceiling above

Splendid swag decoration above the doorway

You want painted ceilings, and statues in niches… you got it!

And to end with, one of those really tiny insignificant items which make Chatsworth so interesting – the Sixth Duke’s own theatre tokens, in ivory. Somehow going to the Vue cinema, or wherever, is not the same when you don’t have your own personalised entry token. Times have changed, and not for the better I fear!

  2 Responses to “More pictures from Chatsworth… a truly stately pile.”


    I recently found a book about 500 years of Style at Chatsworth or words to that effect. A pleasure to look at. These pictures are also enjoyable. Have to be an armchair tourist now.


    In a way this is all really quite obscene.

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