Nov 302013

Henry Robert Morland was from an artistic family – he was born around 1716, the son of George Henry Morland a celebrated genre painter. He later married a French woman called Maria and she exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1785 and 1786. No wonder that their son George was also to become a painter – one whose profligacy made him notorious. Father, like son, experienced great wealth – but also bankruptcy.


This is my favourite painting by HRM, entitled “Laundry Maid Ironing” done in 1785.

File:A Woman doing Laundry by Henry Robert Morland.jpg

He seemed to have a penchant for painting woman at work – here his “Woman doing Laundry.” Various other versions of this picture exist including a mezzotint in which she has been downgraded to a Lady’s Maid, and another where the cap has been altered.

   HRM died this day in 1797. I think he is worth a mention.

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    one of my favourites too, the maid with the iron


    Not an artist I’m familiar with. I can’t imagine that any woman has worn such a beatific smile when doing the washing or ironing. I think most women are hot, red faced and generally bad tempered, or is that just me? Perhaps I should aspire to think outward and inward good thoughts in future when doing women’s work. 🙂

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