May 172012

A couple of  prints from the British Museum, so I must acknowledge their copyright:

The Muff was a fashion accessory which got larger and larger throughout the 1700’s. They clearly went to a huge size, and satirists were never slow to ridicule  fashion.

And where would you buy your muff? From a muff shop of course!








This print is entitled “Such things are” and  contains the caption ‘That SUCH THINGS ARE most strange yet Common. What things? For sure they are not Women’

The muff, a cylinder of fur or fabric, was in fact worn by both men and women in the 18th century.












This is a splendid  silk one (from the Metropolitan Museum of Art) dated 1780.

and another, made of feathers and fur, from the same source and stated as being from ‘the third quarter of the eighteenth century’.


  2 Responses to “A lady with a fine muff, what more could you ask for?”


    wonderful! they were ridiculous things, I have written a character who grumbled that the size of muffs made her feel as though she had her hands in a sheep, so she wasn’t far off the ideas of the time [1796]


    I always remember seeing these in history books as a child, thinking they were utterly glamourous and wanting one! Seeing the first image here makes me realise how comical they actually are.

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