Jun 242014

Had I been strutting my stuff a couple of hundred years ago I like to think that I would have been the model of sartorial elegance (then, as now!). And what was the well-dressed young man-about-town wearing? Why, we have this etching to show us what was fashionable in February 1777.

Enormous buttons, tick; fancy decorated long cane with which to swagger, tick; shiny buckles on shoes, tick; smart cap with what looks like a target for pigeons to aim at, tick; enormous nosegay to ward off the odours of the common people, tick. Just the right amount of lace showing at the cuff, and a cravat which matches perfectly my silk waistcoat. Oh yes, I am the thing, dem-me!

It is high time that the male peacock made its appearance again! Bring back shoe buckles – and over-sized buttons come to that! Meanwhile, my thanks to the Lewis Walpole Library for the image.

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    Bless you for this – Fashion hints with date will always be appreciated.
    Thanks too for writing “tick” rather than “check”. I was beginning to think that the tick had died.


    Reminds me of the sort of thing they used to wear in the 1960s actually… big hair, big buttons, big checks, John Lennon in long velvet coat with outsize buttons

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