Nov 092013

I rather like the gentle humour in this 1799 print entitled ‘A tete a tete’: lwlpr0943 4tete a tete

Above the etching, by E Blunt, are the words ‘Attitude, gratitude mum……. round about, puff ’em out mum’.

Four lines of verse appear below the title:

‘Sound the Trumpet,

Beat the drum,

Nancy’s this day fifty four,

We wont dispute a few years more.’

I just love the slightly bemused look on the old woman’s face as the younger swain bursts into song! Using the excellent zoomify feature on the Lewis Walpole site you can see that he is singing from a song- sheet containing words such as ‘My Dear Mistress……My jealous Heart would break asunder’

So,  let us hear it for the older woman! A reminder that you are never too old to pull – and besides, if you have a faithful dog, as in this etching, you will always have a friend, as well as an ardent admirer!

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    54 must have been older then than it is now! I sincerely hope so.

    Where is her husband, or was she never married?


    I’ll have that sung to me on my next birthday 🙂


    The dog is singing too!

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