Jun 102017

I know, I know, I am a sucker for old boxes but here is one which really is absolutely splendid. It was made in 1840, so it is a bit later than my usual period of interest, but I think it is so good that it is worth show-casing! The craftsmanship is incredible – and I love the shape of the basket.

You can make out the tambour roll-top mechanism, which slides back to give access to the compartment for sewing paraphernalia inside. Or I suppose you could have used it for baubles, bangles and beads. Whatever, it really is beautiful, and the brass inlay is amazing.







It appears, (where else?!) on Mark Goodger’s Hampton Antique’s site here.


He describes it as being “a stunning rosewood with ornate symmetrical maple inlays. With a rosewood carrying handle, and four brass ball feet….. it measures 10.75 inches  (27.30 cm) in width, has a depth of 5 inches  (12.70 cm) and is 4.75 inches (12.06 cm)  high.”

Memo to children: you won’t go far wrong if you save up and give this to Dad for his birthday……



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