Jun 292012

1787 was an interesting time for men’s fashions. I was rather taken with this print, shown courtesy of the Lewis Walpole Library at Yale University, entitled “Such things are : Telles choses sont : that such things are we must allow, but such things never were till now. ”

It was intended as a companion to the equivalent print on ladies fashions, which I included in my earlier post on muffs.This one shows four figures of dandies, one with a huge muff, one with a tall cane, all with the high waist, tight trousers, and exaggerated ruffles at the neck. Until I saw this I had no idea that stripey kneeĀ length stockings were all the rage in 1787. As Richard Hall, my 4xgreat grandfather was a maker of silk hosiery and no doubt wished to be at the height of fashion at his premises at One London Bridge, it is a fair bet that he made, or at least stocked, fine leg-wear like these!

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    With fashions like that, no wonder the French had a revolution!

    Although, to be fair, everyone else dressed like that, although maybe not as extremely.


    Honestly, they look so silly in their poses. Replace the caricatures with real men, though, and they did look great. It is just dawning on me lately that they really did strike these poses for best effect.


    I have a pair of socks like those stockings. I was dared to wear them… I too had no idea how psychedelic men’s stockings could get, one has a vision of dandies with vertically striped stockings in two colours, like the fourth gentleman, but not Jeremy Fisher stockings! COOL!


    I still miss Georgian mens clothing.


    Well, I rather liked men’s fashions of the 60s and 70s. That was nice and flamboyant. Nowadays, its either the torn, shabby look or the dark and dull colours look. Blergh! C’mon men, dress up!


    The fellow at bottom left has most of the accoutrements of a 1790s Crop, except for the hair and hat. A crop would also have the shoulders of his coat pulled down. There was an interesting evolution of style happening then. The socks are great!

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