Jul 252016

I am delighted to see that Pen & Sword are now promoting my forthcoming book on pre-release! What it means is that you can all relax, safe in the knowledge that this year all your Christmas shopping nightmares have been eliminated – because the book comes out at the end of November, and you can organize all your shopping in advance by clicking on the pre-order page here! £11.99 can’t be bad for a rip-roaring tour through the brothels and bagnios of 18th Century London, accompanied by lots of juicy bits about royal shenanigans, randy rakes, and some very naughty courtesans….!

When the book comes out I will immediately be doing a 21 day lecture-cruise on the Boudicca to the Cape Verde Islands on what I am assured is an adult-only cruise! So, I have prepared three new talks linked to the book, and am really looking forward to adding them to the usual repertoire.In bed etc

Funnily enough I am getting a lot of interest from W.I.s about the talks, whereas one of the U3As has objected to my use of the phrase “tarts with hearts” in the promotional material, which is a shame. Ah well, you cannot please everyone…

Currently my list of talks include:

  • Jane Austen – Fact & Fiction
  • Pride & Prejudice, from printed page to the silver screen
  • Gardening 1603 to 1837 (from Tradescant to Brown and Repton)
  • Eat Drink and be Merry – the story of food and drink in the 18th Century
  • Everyday life in Georgian England
  • Sight-seeing and tourism in the 18th Century
  • Sport, games and entertainment in the Georgian Era
  • The Golden Age of Satire
  • The art of Paper-craft – from cut-outs and silhouettes to paper ball-gowns
  • Astley’s Circus
  • Bristol Blue and Nailsea Glass
  • Slavery and the abolition movement in Britain
  • The early years of the Royal Academy
  • Royal shenanigans, from German George to Randy Regent
  • Scandalous liaisons (Fallen women and the New Female Coterie)
  • Courtesans and Celebrities
  • Rakes and Roués of the Regency era

but I always seem to be adding to the selection!

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