Nov 242012

I am pleased to say that I have taken delivery of a shiny pile of paperbacks of the Journal of a Georgian Gentleman and am delighted to be able to offer them for sale to UK readers at a price of nine pounds plus £2.20 postage. Alternatively if you would prefer to buy via Amazon (they take credit cards – I don’t) you can find it at  where it is cunningly disguised as a hardback. It’s a long story. Amazon will not allow me to list it as a paperback because it is not available from anyone else. So, I have to call it a paperback version of the hardback…

For anyone in the States who is interested, send me an e-mail to  (I am coming to the States in the next couple of weeks and will be happy to bring copies to post while I am over there). The price will be approximately fifteen dollars plus US postage, but that is about half of what I have to charge if I am posting from the U.K.



And it is also on Kindle! Come to that, it’s on Kobo and just about every other platform I could think of. Not as many illustrations as there are in the printed version of the book, but that is because of download time. Besides, you know you deserve the printed version, and it is nearly Christmas. Mind you, the Kindle at £2.56 (or fractionally over four dollars) isn’t bad but I thought you deserved a choice!

Meanwhile I am busy giving talks on Life in Georgian England, so  my pile of paperbacks is steadily diminishing!

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    And when will you be coming to Australia!? 🙂
    I am waiting for my online book distributors to tell me that your book is back “in stock”… But I will be patient!

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