Feb 092016

Regency coverThe observant may have noticed a slight diminution of output when it comes to my blogs. There are two reasons: the first is to give you all a rest; the second is because I am away on my travels, observing what Sri Lanka and Southern India have to offer in terms of 18th Century reminders. I will let you know the result of my researches in due course…

a cover JoGGTo send me on my way I had a very pleasant surprise when I called in to see those lovely people at the Holburne Museum in Bath, where they had kindly agreed to stock “The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman”. I walked in to the shop to see before me a veritable bookshelf full of my tomes, not just the “Journal”, but both of the “Illustrated Introductions” (Georgian and Regency) and, for good measure, “The Georgians in 100 Facts”. I was more than a little taken aback – especially when I was told that the “100 Facts” is selling well – typical, because it is my least favourite! But it just goes to show – you give the public what they want, not what you want!100 facts image


Anyway, normal blogging service will be renewed in due course! Meanwhile I will auto-post a few re-hashes to keep you on your toes….

P.S.  “In bed with the Georgians – Sex Scandal and Satire” is with the printers as we speak. Meanwhile “Petticoat Pioneers” is half-way written and I suspect I may polish off a few more chapters while I am relaxing after visiting tea plantations in the Sri Lankan hills.  Now that is my idea of a  perfect holiday!

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