Oct 202012

From time to time I feature the delicate and beautiful cut-outs made by my ancestor Richard Hall, illustrating life around him in the 18th Century. A number of people commented about the cut-outs so I decided to publish them as a separate book, using CreateSpace. Over fifty illustrations are used and I have tried to put the cut-outs into the context of Richard’s life and times. If anyone is interested, the book is only a fiver (if you are in the UK) or eight bucks (if you are in the States) and I am optimistic that you will find that in either case Amazon will dispatch for little or no cost.

Come on guys – not bad for a Christmas stocking filler! Because CreateSpace are part of Amazon the book material is automatically available on Kindle (though I have to point out that the text and illustrations line up in a printed book far better than they can ever do in an e-book).


If you are in the States the link is here

From Britain it is here

Other European countries can also find it via their respective Amazon sites.



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    Free postage supersaver in the UK, and it’s on my wishlist! I just spent my fortnight’s budget 🙁 but this will solve all my inlaw Christmas present problems as well as wanting to get my own hands on it! Thank you Mike, glad I nagged you!


    Publishing in any format is a huge learning experience – great fun! I am not convinced Kindle is the best format for illustrations because they don’t line up alongside the text in the same way, but the printed version looks good ! At least it means I can turn up at talks to WI’s and history societies and art groups and have somethinmg to show them…

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