Nov 062011

By way of a post-script to my blog yesterday, I came across this cartoon lampooning the ‘macaroni painter’ Richard Cosway and thought I would add it…

18thcenturylove:   loquaciousconnoisseur: Robert Dighton “The Macaroni Painter is Richard Cosway, R.A., known for his foppish dress. The sitter, in full Macaroni regalia, appears entirely satisfied with himself.” (1772)  - Just a quick fact, Richard Cosway was the husband of Maria Cosway, the same Maria Cosway that Thomas Jefferson flirted with in Paris and to whom he wrote “A Dialogue Between My Head and My Heart”  I love love LOVE the macaroni with his ridiculous hat and hair!

By Robert Dighton, it is dated 1772. I love the splendid absurdity of both the artist and the sitter.

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