Jun 132017


I  am delighted to have been asked by the Marlborough College Summer School to give a talk to them next month. The courses available at the summer school look to be great fun – and anyone attending the course is free to attend the various lectures which take place. The variety of courses is astonishing – there are hundreds of courses being run over a four week period. Arts and Crafts your bag? Or History? Or Architecture and the Landscape? Or Literature and Creative Writing? Or ….. There is a huge and impressive list – something for everyone.

I gather that the public can also come along to any of the talks, although in that case a small fee is payable for admission at the door. If you have not already done so have a look at the range of activities available at the summer school, some aimed at children, some at adults. You can find their website here.

Arising out of my researches for “In bed with the Georgians – Sex, Scandal & Satire” I will be giving my talk on Thursday 13 July at 17.15 under the heading of “Royal Shenanigans”. It will look at the earlier Georges and their propensity for taking mistresses, as well as at the Prince Regent and his ‘libidinous accomplishments’. The bedroom conquests of the Regent’s brothers will also get a mention, and in particular I will focus on the unloved and unlovely Ernest Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland. I have to say I am rather looking forward to it!

Who could forget, the wicked Uncle Ernest ….

















So, if you can possibly make it to Marlborough in sunny Wiltshire on 13 July I look forward to seeing you there!