Oct 232013

a oneI have always assumed that antique Knife Boxes were designed to hold …. knives! So I was delighted to come across a fine looking knife box on the ever-helpful Hampton Antiques site which put me right – they were designed to hold ALL types of cutlery! Open the lid and you find the cutlery deck, in which there are apertures to fit almost any kind of knives, forks, and spoons.

a two

I would have loved to have had  a matching pair of these, adorning a mahogany sideboard. A shame there is only the one! The knife box was made around 1800 out of  mahogany, which has a lovely patination, and is inlaid with an unusual representation of a conch shell. I had thought it would have looked fine and dandy on the Sheraton-style serpentine sideboard which I would have liked to pair it with, and which I stumbled across at the Patrick Sandberg Antique site. 

The Sandberg blurb described the sideboard, from around 1790, as being “boxwood line inlaid throughout, having a padouk wood crossbanded top above crossbanded panelled drawers and inlaid with boxwood ‘quadrant’ flowers. The Sideboard with serpentine frieze inlaid with central oval paterae and scrolled harebell decoration is supported on boxwood strung square tapering legs ending on spade toes.”

It really is superb and obviously was a snip at £14,500. I say “was” – it is no longer available but the site is worth looking at for some splendid pieces of furniture, ornaments etc.

Here are close-ups:


Meanwhile, back to the knife box:

a three

a four

It measures fourteen inches high and roughly nine inches wide and deep. Yours, or rather mine, for £950.

Oh well, back to day dreaming….