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To blog or not to blog, that is the question…

Having clocked up over 300 blogs on WordPress in the last couple of years I have made a decision to cut back slightly on the frequency of my blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing them but the research often takes hours and hours, and up until now I have never “begrudged” the time.

AB1Now though, I am embarking on a summer when I have nearly two dozen talks to give, up and down the country, on my ‘fave’ topic i.e. all things Georgian. Talks on gardening, on food and drink, on entertainment, on the golden age of caricature, on the abolition movement, on paper cut-outs, on the circus, on the Royal Academy at Somerset House – they are all time-consuming and great fun – but hard to fit in with doing blogs. Besides, having brought out a booklet last year on Paper-cuts, and one this year on Bristol Blue Glass, I am now writing one on the life and times of Philip Astley “the Father of the Modern Circus” and unless and until someone invents the 35 hour day, something has to give!

Sooooooo, for the summer months I intend to post new blogs on a more-or-less once a week basis rather than on alternate days as I seem to have been doing. Where possible I will blog on a Friday – except where there is an anniversary falling on any other day of the week.

For my lovely readers, I do hope you will stay loyal and continue your support (and comments!). Hopefully once the summer is out the way “normal service will be resumed” but experience tells me that unless I have the time to push each post by sending tweets, following up on RTs etc, they fall by the wayside.

A flurry of posts will follow in the next week, but then things will tail off for a while. And if any of you have ever pulled back from self-publishing a book e.g. on Amazon’s CreateSpace, go for it! Yes it is a bore doing things “their way” but it really is incredibly good value, especially with full colour printing (which I did with Bristol Blue). There is something especially satisfying about receiving a bank payment once a month from Amazon for books you have never had anything to do with apart from writing them – no worries about stock, no postages, just let Amazon get on with it – and they do it on Kindle without charge for conversion.

Enjoy your summer – and don’t forget, if you are in the U.K. and need a speaker on a Georgian topic, I am rarin’ to go! See my talk here.

book coverBristol_Blue_Cover_for_Kindle


5 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog, that is the question…”

    1. Don’t worry about comments – although I have no “counter” and so have no idea how many people read the posts, but it is great if people enjoy reading them. I do them because I find it interesting doing the research and I thought people might think it odd if I suddenly shut up shop!

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