Sep 222021

I came across this interesting image on the Wellcome Collection site. It was etched by George Cruikshank and published by Thomas Tegg in December 1819 and has the title “Villagers shooting out their Rubbish”. It shows three grinning yokels pushing a lawyer, a skinny physician and a rotund, gouty, vicar in wheelbarrows out of their village.

As a former lawyer I was always used to the idea of being held in low public esteem, and it is nice to see that two hundred years ago any opprobrium was shared equally with medical men and men of the cloth. But if it is a race, I am pleased to see that the lawyer is definitely in the lead….

  One Response to “Which is worse – a lawyer, a medic or a clergyman? Who cares – let’s get rid of them all!”


    I don’t see any problem with the lawyer, the physician, and the vicar being dumped.

    I used to be a surgeon; in those days I would have been a barber-surgeon, a tradesman, there to do the physician’s command. I’m glad to see my worth being recognised!

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