Jun 272017

I recently came across the webpage of the Corning Museum of Glass and was rather taken with this beautiful item called the Thompson Goblet,  made at the Newcastle factory of the Beilby’s in around 1765.

William Beilby was originally apprenticed in Birmingham and used his knowledge of enamelling to develop a range of fire-enamel paints which fused with the glass. So, no wearing off, or scratching. The results are wonderful, and later in the year I will do a proper blog on Beilby and his legacy.

This particular glass was made in conjunction with his sister Mary Beilby and the coat of arms apparently belonged to one Beilby Thompson of Micklethwaite Grange at Collingham, in Yorkshire. He was a  prosperous landowner who served as a member of Parliament from 1768 to 1784 and again from 1790 to 1796. Needless to say, works by Beilby are ludicrously collectible!


Just as another example, here is another goblet, made circa 1762 and now in the National Gallery, Victoria. Quite stunning!

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